Court Lane Allotments invites you to “The Mad Hatter’s Garden Party”

Court Lane Allotments are certainly raising our profile at the moment. For the 3rd year in a row, we entered Birmingham Gardeners Show at King’s Heath Park. Our category was a mixed display of Flowers, Fruit and Veg.

I am pleased to announce that we were awarded 3rd Prize, for an imaginative display themed on “The Mad Hatter’s Garden Party”. Thank you to all who helped with the planning and setting up the display, and those who were kind enough to donate produce and decorations for the stand. The public loved it and a few people took us at our words with the “Eat Me” labels – more than a few of our cherry tomato “cup cakes” proved just that little bit too tempting.

We also received our prizes for coming 2nd in the Best Run Society Competition (Frank Carter Memorial Trophy) and 4th in the Best Site Competition (Thorpe Memorial Trophy) for the whole of Birmingham.

More photos will be available on our Flickr site shortly. In the meantime, here is a photo of our prize-winning display, to whet your appetite (click on pic for a larger version).

Everywhere there are allotments

We have a Flickr account that is used to display photos that have been taken of events and other images of the allotment site.  Flickr not only allows you to upload your own photos, but it also allows you to look at other people’s too.

It has become standard internet practice to use “tags” on a lot of publicly viewable web content (such as photos), which means that you can find specific content in a smooth(ish) and rapid(ish) manner.

I’ve searched for the tag “allotments” on Flickr and discovered some really interesting imagery.  There are a lot of people in the UK (and the rest of the world), who like to have photographic memories of their plots.

Below is the slideshow and here is the direct link to the slideshow.

If you have any photos that you wish to have on our Flickr site, then please contact us.  Alternatively, if you already have a Flick account, then feel free to  join our group pool.

Working Party

The last two Sundays has been spent planting hawthorn and blackthorn hedges around the perimeter fence of the plots. Lots of people from the allotments volunteered their energy and sacrificed time away from their own plots to help with this and also helped with tidying up the community garden.

There was a real sense of cooperation and the good weather added to a real convivial and sharing atmosphere. This was helped by lovely prepared lunches and a few a beers!

There is a set of photos on our flick site and a few of them appear below.  Here is the set as a slideshow.

Photos are courtesy of Ming.

Photo Community

We’ve set up our own Flickr site as well as having a flickr group. The idea is that those who know about flickr can just add themselves to the group and those who love photography but are not too sure about the whole world wide web thing can still contribute by having their photos displayed at what I suppose will be a communal flickr site. The reason why flickr has been chosen is that when it comes to real sense of sharing and community then it really cannot be beaten.

All I need is a disk or memory stick with the photos and preferably descriptions of the visuals and if you would like your name to be attributed or just a plot number if you prefer. Grab me at the allotments if you have any photos.

If you have ideas on how to develop the flickr group then just add a comment on the blog.

Here is a photostream from the Court Lane Allotments’ flickr.  Photos have been taken by different people who not only enjoy growing things but also appear to have photographic skills.

And here below is the Court Lane Allotments Group photostream.

Plot 40: A Visual History

One of our allotmenteers has been using photography as a visual record of the development of his plot. Luckily for us he has been uploading the progress to his Flickr page and he has kindly given permission for them to be used on this blog.

“These pics are meant more as a diary rather than for pictorial quality, so I hope those that view will either be inspired or at least enjoy my toil.”

You can go direct to his flickr site for a look at the set or watch the slideshow below.  For those new to slideshows there is the option of making the images bigger.