How to Put People Back to Work – Infrastructure Projects

There are so many good hard working men and women out of work in Canada and the USA. Due to the downturn in the economy caused from the home building and automotive industries.

How do we put these people back to work? Cities and townships throughout USA and Canada should be looking at infrastructure projects as a means for an innovative response for the present economic crisis that is crippling both countries Back to Work.

With the help of federal, state and provincial funding, would help create thousands if not millions of jobs throughout North America.

Large infrastructure projects often can be delayed for years tied up in red tape waiting for government approval. Both governments could turn the economy around much quicker by pushing these projects through right away. Small infrastructure projects would be street and highway resurfacing along with repairs to bridges. Large infrastructure projects would be rail transit revitalization for trains and subway systems. Repairs and redesign to government buildings, parking structures and libraries.

Build new and improved hospitals and other health care facilities as well upgrading current hospitals. Upgrades to water pollution plants, we all want safe drinking water. Building bike and walking paths. Install environmental retro-fit projects such as heating and lighting systems. Restore the many closed public swimming pools, along with youth and seniors activity centers.

Building new and upgrading much needed subsidized geared-to-income rental apartment units and homes for families in need.

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