Plot 40: A Visual History

One of our allotmenteers has been using photography as a visual record of the development of his plot. Luckily for us he has been uploading the progress to his Flickr page and he has kindly given permission for them to be used on this blog.

“These pics are meant more as a diary rather than for pictorial quality, so I hope those that view will either be inspired or at least enjoy my toil.”

You can go direct to his flickr site for a look at the set or watch the slideshow below.  For those new to slideshows there is the option of making the images bigger.

The Social Benefits of Allotments

A big thanks to Nick Booth who has been giving advice and support on how to develop this website.  He has been heavily involved in a Birmingham based community project that allows people from the city to voice their interests, opinions & passions.

One of these involved a project in Handsworth where allotments have been used to engage young people in the area in a positive and educational manner.

You can read and hear all about Neville’s story here.

Hello from Court Lane Allotments

Court Lane Allotments
Court Lane Allotments - Community Garden


We are group of Birmingham folk who have plots at Court Lane Allotments in Erdington.

This is our first foray into the wonderful world wide web so please bear with us while we get our green fingers to pick through and understand social media.