A Hidden Problem Found in Most Crawl Spaces and Basements

The crawl space under your home is more important than you may think, and it could be costing you hundreds of dollars each year. Any problems in this area could affect your entire home. Without your knowledge your basement has the tendency to develop mildew, mold, black mold or dry rot if measures are not taken to protect your home. These conditions could cause bad odors, structural weakening and affect those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

A large majority of homeowners, especially new or first time homeowners HealthyCrawls, overlook vents, doors and windows as a hidden source of moisture. By taking the proper measures to seal off all vents, doors and windows, you can prevent moisture, humidity and air from entering into your home. With the assistance of a professional, you can protect your crawl space and save money on your monthly heating and cooling costs.

Signs of Structural Weakening

Some homeowners are unaware of the signs of structural weakening, which could be extremely hazardous. Experts highly recommend scheduling routine examinations every three months as a preventative measure against such issues. Signs of structural weakening are: warped or uneven floors, cracks on the interior walls, damaged floor beams and/or rotting floor joists. The main sources of structural weakening are moisture, humidity, dampness and wetness. If your home is experiencing issues due to moisture in your basement, it is highly recommended to resolve the issue before it becomes too significant. It is less detrimental to your wallet to make small repairs, as needed, than it is to replace an entire foundation that could cost you thousands of dollars.

Side Effects of Moisture

Basements and crawl spaces are typically cold, dark, damp spaces, occupied by mildew, foul odors and bad smells, critters and let’s not overlook hazardous molds that have the tendency to develop and cause serious health issues. A large majority of the time that you have bad smells or odors coming from your basement or crawl space, it is a definite sign your home has a hidden problem.

There are several forms of mold and mildew, and without your knowledge, it can quickly invade your home. The best and most effective way to rid your basement or crawl space of foul odors is to regularly clean the space with disinfectants, perform monthly routine inspections, and using cleaning products that are recommended by your waterproofing professional.

A waterproofing professional knows firsthand how to protect you and your home from elements that can put your health and your home in danger. They will know what products are made specifically for long-term basement and crawl space solutions.


The best and most effective way to protect your home from moisture is to contact a certified crawl space contractor. A certified contractor will complete an on-site inspection, provide a professional consultation, a free estimate and a recommendation for what measures should be taken to protect you and your home. Remember, it’s best to talk to an expert about foundation concerns before the problem worsens.

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