Forthcoming events at Court Lane Allotments




Click on the above link for a poster advertising our upcoming events:

A Fun Dog Show (for plot holders and members of the public) on Sunday 21st August 2011 @ 11am.

A Plot Holder night with a folk band and jacket spud (for plot holders and their friends and family) on Saturday 27th August 2011 @ 7pm.

5 comments to Forthcoming events at Court Lane Allotments

  • sheila pennell

    Looked on yr website for times of the court lane Xmas fayre Sun 4 Dec …. but can’t see anything .. can u give me the times? Enjoyed the one I think in Sept …. a v sunny Sunday !

    rgds, Sheila.

  • Leo

    Hello Sheila

    The times are from 11am to 3pm. You go to the events page for more details.

  • Dianne McDermott

    Brought 3 of our grandchildren to the Xmas Fair and all had a great timne. Father Xmas was very much in tune with children and was very much appreciated, didn’t expect a gift but the children were so pleased. Wonder who made the oh so wonderful cranberry/fruit/nut flapjacks?? Please keep me posted of any similar events – might also like to have a stand too!

  • I got it! “UHF” is still a guilty plaseure. Weird Al is a talent to be sure. I used to shut down the clubs a quarter century ago. Now I’m happy if I can shut down the Cracker Barrel. Nice link to the Clash. It has been a while since I heard them.

  • Olá Mario, tudo bem?Não entendi. Ir para o fundo? Está falando da primeira camada, do fundo da imagem, do fundo do texto…?Explica melhor ae que eu te ajudo sim.

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